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The ghost pepper was inthe running for the hottest pepper in the world for quite some time – in fact,it actually held the Guinness Book of World Record’s record for the world’shottest pepper from 2007 until 2010.The Bhut Jolokia is a naturally growingpepper that can be found primarily in northeastern India and neighboringBangladesh. However, species can also be found in Sri Lanka occasionally. Dueto the fact that “Bhut” means “ghost” in the Assam language, this pepper isoften called the “ghost pepper,” in the Western world. These peppers havedented skin that is very thin and easy to tear.

The word “Bhut” means“ghost”, given from the Bhutias people, possibly because the heat sneaks up onyou like a ghost. The ghost pepper is also known by the following names – NagaJolokia, Bhut Jolokia, Bih Jolokia, Nagahari, Raja Mircha, Raja chilli, BorbihJolokia or Ghost Chili. Note: “Naga” mean “Cobra Snake” in Sanskrit.

Becauseof their intense heat, but also because of their fruity flavor, ghost peppersare great for making hot sauces, for dehydrating into powders or chili flakes,or for chopping and cooking into larger meals, like pots of stew or pots ofchili. The heat will really bloom in a large pot. A little goes a long way. Usethem as you’d use a habanero, but remember that they are much hotter, up to 5times the heat level. Use caution when cooking with them. Wear gloves andprotect your eyes.

Thishot pepper also has a side use in Indian cooking. In addition to being a commonhousehold ingredient in certain parts of India and Bangladesh, it has also beenused as a homeopathic remedy for stomach pain, a way to beat the summer heat(when the Bhut Jolokia is eaten, the partaker will usually start to sweat quitea bit, which will ultimately lead to a decrease in body temperature). It haseven been used as a weapon – locals of northeastern India smear their fenceswith it to keep elephants away, and the pepper has even been used in smokebombs.
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